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16 Aug 2016 - Create Photo Montages and Funny pictures with your Face in Motive 

Create your face in motive with the free face in hole generator Create Photo Montages and funny pictures with your face in motive, have fun!

Instructions : Click the photo upload and select one of your images to upload into the template.Than use the zoom,rotate,flip icons to positions the image the way you want.You can also click and drag the image to the location you prefer.Use the Brightness and Contrast controls to adjust the color of the photo to help make it match the template

When your picture is ready, then click on next button which is in right side of the picture, you can find different Categories where you can choose one, automatically your face will be in that picture, then download the same. 

You can find some pictures with Brahmanandam's face. Have a fun. 


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